the incursion about the digestive system

On monday I went to an incursion and it was an amazing experience.  And I can tell you more about it.


Firstly we learnt about the mouth and we got a lollie and we first had to leave the lollie on our tongue and then chew it.


secondly we learn a new word peristalsis.  It means it pushes it, like in the oesophagus the muscles pushes the food down and in the small and large intestine.


After that we got to play a game.  So we had to get into groups and we had stocking’s and a pingpong ball and the goal was which group that had said peristalsis while you were pushing the pingpong ball down the stocking.  And my group won!!! And we got to have a lollie!!!


Another thing we down was we got to do an experiment on the stomach.  And we got to use a plastic bag, water and a piece of bread and then we had to squish the bread and water in the bag.


Then we got to do the same experiment but some things different. So we started with putting coco something in the plastic bag and then going to get a cup and cloth.  Someone had to hold the cloth and and someone poured the food in the cup. Then we had to squish the poop in the cup.  It was discussing.


Finally we got to touch an Ox taong, pig’s stomach and pig’s small intestine the Ox tongue felt rickly and the pig’s stomach felt squishy.


That was disgusting and amazing things I learn,as well as that it was a amazing experience!!!       



6 thoughts on “the incursion about the digestive system

  1. Hi Sophia!
    I really like the way you have written about the incursion and I think it was very descriptive.
    From Sara

  2. Dear Sophia,
    I like all the interesting facts you put into your recount on the digestive system. Great job!
    From Ava

  3. Hi Sophia,
    Your post was really interesting and I liked when you described how the animal’s organ’s felt.

    From Jun

  4. Dear Sophia,
    I learlt alot you explained it so well I leart alot about the digestine system in the post you wrote Ir was great you did a great job on it you put so much effert into it but in a good because I learnt a lot from just that.
    From Saptha

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