My favorite book

My Favorite book

My favorite book Is the Wizard Of Oz.  I know it’s a movie but I really like the  book because it actually makes our mind develop stuff  as well it’s interesting and entertaining and really creative.  I wonder how you feel about it?


what was your favorite part in the book?

when the songs come on.

whats your favorite song?

we are off to see the wizard.

what score would you give the book 10 is really great and 1 is  really bad?


whats really interesting about it?

it’s detailed and creative!

A big trip to the Botanical Gardens and Federation Square

A big trip to the Botanical Gardens and Federation Square

It all started when I got to School.  The bell went, I got into my classroom and Ms Dickson got ready to do my class role.  She crossed our names out if we were here and if someone was not here Mrs Dickson would leave their name and wait until they came.  We finally got ready for the bus with another class, and headed to the city.

First stop was the Botanical Gardens.  When we got to the entrance of the gardens we were met by two lady guides.  My class and another class followed the guides into the gardens. Where they showed us two baskets with clapping sticks in them.  The clapping sticks are used during an aboriginal welcoming ceremony and everyone got to use the clapping sticks to try them out.  During the ceremony the man said “I’m going to light the wood carved bowl but I’m not going to light the actual bowl just the things in the bowl. Then he said we are going to take turns of walking up to the fire and put the leaf in the wood carved bowl and walk around and walk back to your spots”.  I felt very excited when it all started.  It eventually came to my turn and I felt very very excited more excited than I was when it all started!!! 

After the ceremony we split up one class would go with one guide and the other class would go with the other guide.  My class went with Dianne, she led us through the botanical gardens.  We stopped to look at an ancient Aboriginal plant.  It’s those long stringy plants and there most common in Australia.  Dianne told us that if you put your hand down the bottom of the plant and pull a green string out down the bottom of the string there’s a white part and if you chew it will taste like peas but in a liquid taste.  Then we moved onto string not the plant string like string but it’s kind of from wood and we would have to get into pairs and one person would be holding the string with the string around their finger and the other person would turn the string two times on the right side and turn and the put it on the left side and do it again. 

 Then we went off and found two mats and it felt so good to sit down for once.  Dianne showed us some weapons for hunting and digging sticks for girls and an eel trap and lots of other things.  Then we had to and get into a three group and sit down and make a picture of aboriginal drawing.

Second stop was Federation Square and we went to the Koorie heritage trust and we learnt that the aboriginal’s made shields out of trees by carving the tree and in about seven weeks or so it will come out. And lots of different things like aboriginal’s used to wear possum coats and lots of other stuff.

That’s all of the trip and be careful and don’t try to do stuff that you think it’s the same but it might not be the same.


the incursion about the digestive system

On monday I went to an incursion and it was an amazing experience.  And I can tell you more about it.


Firstly we learnt about the mouth and we got a lollie and we first had to leave the lollie on our tongue and then chew it.


secondly we learn a new word peristalsis.  It means it pushes it, like in the oesophagus the muscles pushes the food down and in the small and large intestine.


After that we got to play a game.  So we had to get into groups and we had stocking’s and a pingpong ball and the goal was which group that had said peristalsis while you were pushing the pingpong ball down the stocking.  And my group won!!! And we got to have a lollie!!!


Another thing we down was we got to do an experiment on the stomach.  And we got to use a plastic bag, water and a piece of bread and then we had to squish the bread and water in the bag.


Then we got to do the same experiment but some things different. So we started with putting coco something in the plastic bag and then going to get a cup and cloth.  Someone had to hold the cloth and and someone poured the food in the cup. Then we had to squish the poop in the cup.  It was discussing.


Finally we got to touch an Ox taong, pig’s stomach and pig’s small intestine the Ox tongue felt rickly and the pig’s stomach felt squishy.


That was disgusting and amazing things I learn,as well as that it was a amazing experience!!!